The Center for Christian Healing, located on the campus of 
St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Dallas, is grounded in the belief that healing is an essential part of our faith tradition today just as it was when Jesus Christ walked the earth two thousand years ago.  
At the heart of the Center’s ministry is the desire to respond in obedience and humility to the 
Great Commission of 
Jesus Christ.      

Center for Christian Healing
About us
              Center for Christian Healing                                 Mission Statement

      Seeking to live under the inspiration 
     of the Holy Spirit, we are a Christian           community that offers:

  • Prayers for healing from Jesus Christ for those with physical, mental, spiritual and/or relational needs.

  • Training for Christians who feel drawn to participate in His Healing Ministry.

  • Support for the Healing Ministry in the church and in the world.

Center Co-Directors 

   Warren Greene, M.D. is a retired physician who also served as Medical Director at Methodist Health Systems, Dallas. 
   Carol Greene, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist, also serves on the Staff of St. Luke’s Dallas, as Pastoral Counselor in Residence. She is a former faculty member of the Anglican School of Theology where she taught courses in Spiritual Direction and Formation.  
   Both Drs. Warren and Carol Greene are long-time members of the International Order of St. Luke the Physician and are actively involved in the Healing Ministry at St. Luke’s, Dallas.

   The Center for Christian Healing is grateful for funding received from the Episcopal Foundation, the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas, and St. Luke’s Episcopal Church as well as for the individuals who support the Center’s ministry.

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      Center Advisory Committee

The Reverend Ray Ball, Rector,
Retired,  Episcopal Diocese of Dallas

Ms Jackie Doss, Member
St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Dallas

Ms. Mary Graves,  Member, Episcopal 
Church of the Incarnation, Dallas

Mr. Heinz Liedke, Member
​St. Gregory the Great, Anglican
Mansfield, Texas

Ms. Anne Lucas, Member,
St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Dallas

Mr. John Moore, Member,
All Saints Anglican Church, Dallas

Mr. Ken Palmer, Member, St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church, Dallas

Theresa/Norman Taylor, Members
St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Dallas​

​Mr. Wayne Cole, Member
St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Dallas